Elucidating the structure of poly dopamine

06-Oct-2017 22:45

elucidating the structure of poly dopamine-56

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Mitigation of fouling is an important step to retain water permeance and lower operating costs for membranes to be competitive with other technologies.One effective strategy to mitigate membrane fouling is to enhance antifouling properties by surface modification.The surface coating with a nonporous dense layer would also block the foulants from going through the skin layer and thus avoid internal fouling.Besides the chemistry of the membrane surface, surface roughness and charges also affect the antifouling property [3].

Increasing the content of hydrophilic PDMAEMA in copolymers increased the total water sorption [19,20].

The corresponding approaches to coat or graft these materials on the membrane surface are reviewed, and the materials with promising performance are highlighted.